Moments With Adelsheim


Do you remember the first time you tasted Adelsheim? Can you think of a big occasion that called for opening that special bottle you’ve been saving in your cellar? We love being a part of the special moments in life. Whether it was a celebration, a dinner party, or a simple picnic in the park, we want to hear about it!


Through the month of May, we welcome you to share your story with us for the chance to create more moments courtesy of Adelsheim. Upload your picture to any of our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and use the hashtag #MomentsWithAdelsheim. Tell us your memory and what Adelsheim wine you were enjoying.


Enter to Win!

At the end of that month, three lucky participants will be chosen at random to win “Moment Maker” packs including a wine bottle carrier and Adelsheim branded coasters, handmade from Orox Leather, as well as two Adelsheim travel wine glasses and wine key.


Share your #MomentsWithAdelsheim with us and everyone else!

You can also share your moment by emailing us!


“While adventuring around the beautiful Oregon coast, we decided to stop and take it in while enjoying another Oregon beauty. Breathtaking Oregon scenery with a fantastic Oregon wine, Adelsheim Willamette Valley Pinot noir!”

-Joth Ricci


“This is little miss Savannah Rose at her first Harvest outing. She’s becoming a pro, just like her mom!”

-Kelli Gregory, Vineyard Manager

This is little miss Savannah Rose at her first Harvest outing. She’s becoming a pro, just like her mom!

“I celebrated my first time hiking to the top of Mt. St. Helens with a bottle of delicious Adelsheim Breaking Ground Pinot noir!”

-Caleb Willis


“For our second wedding anniversary, I surprised my wife, Maya, with a special bottle from Adelsheim. I picked up a 2012 Bryan Creek Vineyard Pinot noir Magnum! This bottle a lot of meaning behind it… 2012: the year we met, Bryan Creek: Maya’s favorite single-vineyard from Adelsheim, and a magnum: because anniversaries are cause for celebration! The second part of the surprise was trekking to the top of Bryan Creek for a vineyard photoshoot with our wedding photographer. It was definitely an afternoon I’ll never forget!”

-Liz Moody, Marketing & Branding Specialist