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As a founding winery of the Willamette Valley we believe it is our duty to be voracious stewards of this abundant land and to rally our community in support of equity and education. Every member of our organization is committed to treading lightly on the earth and supporting our local economy so that our vineyards, our wines, and our people remain here for generations to come.


When Adelsheim says we are a sustainable business, we mean that we continuously strive to find the most responsible balance between environment, community, and our business practices. Like high quality wine, finding a harmonious balance is vital for the long-term health and viability of our industry. We endeavor to achieve this by leading our industry in certified sustainable practices as well as the day-to-day choices we make as a winery, organization, and employer.

Establishing LIVE

Oregon has long set the standard for sustainability and our certified LIVE program is no exception. LIVE stands for Low Input Viticulture and Enology. Founded in 1997 by Bethel Heights Founder, Ted Casteel, and Carmo Vasconcelos of Oregon State University, LIVE is a set of strict guidelines that ensure our wine remains healthy and worthy of its world-class status for generations to come. Adelsheim was one of the first wineries to become LIVE certified. We want the sense of place David Adelsheim found in the Chehalem Mountains in 1971, to remain just as vibrant, unique, and meaningful tomorrow. Thanks to Oregon’s efforts, LIVE is considered the world’s highest standard for sustainable viticulture. It has resulted in an incredible amount of progressive change in the way wineries run their facilities and farm their vineyards. That said, there is always more to do.

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Powered by the sun

A significant portion of our energy is generated by the sun. Lucky for us, Willamette Valley boasts quite a few more days of sunshine than our Portland neighbors. So, the next time you drive up Calkins Lane towards our Tasting Room, please gaze starboard to see our solar panels.

Clean and efficient

We want to go higher, while our gas usage goes lower. In 2017 we purchased an electric forklift for all of our cellar operations. As a result, we have significantly reduced our propane and natural gas usage -- not to mention the kudos of our cellar staff.

Lights out

Why leave the lights on when no one’s around? In 2015, we installed motion sensor lighting in our tank room to ensure we only use what is necessary to keep our cellar crew happy and our wines tip top.

Lighten the load

In 2010, eco-friendly glass was introduced to house our Willamette Valley Pinot noir, Chardonnay, and Rosé. This lighter weight bottle maintains its integrity while helping cut down on the CO2 needed to produce and ship it.


Biodiverse flora and fauna thrive throughout our vineyards. Take a vineyard hike and you’ll find bird boxes (home to Bluebirds, Barn Owls, and Kestrels) as well as wildlife corridors that encourage animals’ native migratory patterns. Roughly 24% of our total acres is unplanted or designated for ecological compensation. Along the vineyard rows you’ll see a blend of cover crops such as Cereal Rye, Common Vetch, and Crimson Clover. These natural protectors preserve our soil integrity during the rainy winter.


We compost throughout our properties utilizing pomace from the past years’ harvest along with manure from other growers throughout Willamette Valley. Once digested, this waste is reintroduced into the vineyard, continuing its natural growth cycle.

Weeding the Oregon way

In an effort to reduce our chemical input and maintain soil integrity, we opt for mechanical weeding instead of spraying herbicides on our crops. Our double-sided clemens weed bars go below the surface to rip weeds. The benefit of this healthy alternative is unmatched, and easily seen throughout our vineyards.




Adelsheim is an enthusiastic supporter of the H2-A Visa program, which allows us to hire and offer benefits to an incredible team of hard-working men and women who know our vineyards inside and out. Many have been farming this land for 20+ years. Their skill and experience are invaluable and keep our vineyards world-class in every way.

Access to Healthcare

Since its inception, Adelsheim has been deeply dedicated to the mission of ¡Salud!. ¡Salud! was created in 1992 by a group of Oregon winery owners and Tuality Healthcare physicians to address the hurdles faced by vineyard workers who cannot meet their basic healthcare needs. Each year between the months of May and September, ¡Salud! offers clinical outreach services providing workplace health screenings for seasonal vineyards workers and their families. These free clinics take place in the vineyard via the ¡Salud! mobile unit, eliminating barriers to care many workers face such as transportation, cost and language.

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Learn more about ¡Salud! here.

Adelsheim Employees Unloading Grapes into Truck from Harvest

Keeping it Local

From our charcuterie to our wine totes and insulated tumblers, we seek to partner with local chefs, makers, and manufacturers who share our same values and love of place.

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Give Back

We support social, educational, and arts organizations that enrich, celebrate, and strengthen our community. Learn more about who we partner with and how you can help us support them throughout the year.

  • Harrington Family Foundation

    • Join us in August for the Cook-Off fundraiser

  • Blazers Foundation

    • 10% of revenue from the sale of our commemorative Blazers wine will be donated to the Blazers Foundation. Limited edition wines available September 24, 2019.

  • Growing Gardens

    • Every April for Earth Month, 10% of Rosé sales are donated to a local charity.


    • Supporting equity in Oregon’s food & wine community.


SALMON SAFE Salmon Safe partners with farms, vineyards, craft breweries, corporate and university campuses in the Pacific Northwest to develop and implement practices that maintain water quality, watershed health, and restore habitat.


The Chehalem Cultural Center celebrates the arts, community, education, and heritage to inspire and enrich lives by connecting community and culture.

The Yamhill Community Action Partnership (YCAP) works to improve the lives of low-income people and strengthen the communities in Yamhill County Oregon.


The Chehalem Mountains Winegrowers represents vineyards, wineries and their associates in the Ribbon Ridge and Chehalem Mountains AVAs (American Viticultural Areas).

Donation Request

If your organization would like to request a donation from Adelsheim, please submit your request at least eight weeks prior to your event/need to allow for consideration.


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