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Here at Adelsheim, we’re fortunate to have a team of passionate, talented, and driven individuals. 
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Joth is a seasoned beverage executive returning to his passion of wine. Before taking the helm at Adelsheim, Joth was the President at Stumptown Coffee Roasters. He has been a Managing Partner with First Beverage Group, the President and CEO for Jones Soda Co., and the General Manager for Columbia Distributing. He sits on the board of Ninkasi Brewing Company and Brew Dr. Kombucha. He is also an Advisor to Greater Portland Inc’s 2020 vision.

Joth Ricci, CEO & President

“At our core, we are about creating world-class wine from the Chehalem Mountains and Willamette Valley to share. Every vintage and vineyard is a story to be discovered, and we look forward to sharing our stories, experiences, and wines with you.”




Gina Hennen

Gina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Reed College and an AAS in Winemaking from Chemeketa. Before transitioning to a career in winemaking, she worked as a semiconductor engineer for seven years in both Oregon and Dublin, Ireland. Desiring a career that no longer involved cubicles, she returned to Oregon in early 2006 to establish roots in the wine industry.

Gina Hennen, Winemaker

“Wine grapes can express the location they’re grown in provided the place has something to say, and we believe our small corner of the Willamette Valley has a lot to say.”



founder & director

david adelsheim

David Adelsheim is the director of Adelsheim Vineyard, which he founded with Ginny Adelsheim in 1971. In the course of his company’s 46-year history, he has been the vineyard manager, winemaker, and the person in charge of sales, marketing, accounting, and fixing broken plumbing. His early winemaking experience included work at the experimental winery of the Lycée Viticole in Beaune, France, and at The Eyrie Vineyards in Oregon.

David Adelsheim, Founder & Director

“In the beginning, in the 1970s, we needed to focus on learning to make consistently decent wine. As the Willamette Valley was able to draw on more training and expertise in the 80s and 90s, producing world-class Pinots became the goal. Now, our conversations are all about the distinctions of place—what should a great Pinot from this particular vineyard taste like?”




ginny adelsheim

Ginny Adelsheim co-founded Adelsheim Vineyard in 1971. She is the artist responsible for Adelsheim Vineyard’s acclaimed series of label drawings, and for the winery’s terra-cotta ornamentation.

Ginny Adelsheim, Founder

Ginny is the artist behind all their wine labels, each featuring a different strong woman who is important to the Adelsheim family.




jack & lynn loacker

Jack and Lynn Loacker became co-owners with David and Ginny Adelsheim in 1994, and purchased full interest in the winery in 2017. Their long-time enthusiasm for wine and vision of producing wines of exceptional quality in Oregon led them to purchase two important Adelsheim estate vineyard sites: Ribbon Springs in the Ribbon Ridge AVA (125-acre site planted in 1995 with Pinot noir, Pinot gris, and Auxerrois) and Boulder Bluff in the Chehalem Mountains AVA (15-acre site planted in 2003 with Pinot noir and Chardonnay). 

Jack & Lynn Lacker, Owners

“Over 20 years ago, we made a commitment to Adelsheim Vineyard and became partners with David and Ginny. We all agree that keeping the winery in the hands of local owners should be the future of Adelsheim Vineyard. It is an honor for us to ensure that David’s vision and legacy continue.”



Chief Operating Officer

Kim Bellingar

Kim Bellingar started with Adelsheim in 2008 as Office Manager. Four years later she was named  Director of Business Operations and today is the Chief Operating Officer overseeing the company’s administration, accounting, finance and human resources functions and development of its long-term strategic vision in conjunction with President Joth Ricci. 

Kim Bellingar, Chief Operating Officer

“Adelsheim has always led the Oregon wine industry through innovation and collaboration, and today is no different. We have an amazing team of people dedicated to bringing the best that Oregon has to offer to your table.”



vp of education

Sam Schmitt

Sam Schmitt, MBA, CS, CWE, joined Adelsheim in June of 2016. Sam owned a wine bar in Scottsdale, AZ and is a Certified Wine Educator and Certified Sommelier. He is an active member of the Society of Wine Educators, teaching wine professionals and enthusiasts about wine regions, wine styles, and wine production topics. 

Sam Schmitt, VP of Education

“Many people find wine to be somewhat intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be; after all, it’s just a beverage. My goal is to not only make learning about and enjoying wine fun, but also to make exploring new wines a lifelong adventure.”



Executive Vice President of Sales

rich sermone

After 10 years away from the wine business where he sold a lot of coffee and a little bit of soda, Rich is back and ready to be the biggest champion of Adelsheim wine. He has spent his entire career in the beverage industry leading sales teams at Stumptown Coffee, Coffee Bean International, Jones Soda, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, and Gallo.

Rich Sermone, EVP of Sales

“Our goal at Adelsheim is to help enhance the wine drinking experience! It starts with a great team of people, engaged partnerships, and most importantly—truly great wine.”



Vineyard Manager & Grower Relations

kelli gregory

Kelli Gregory joined the Adelsheim team as Grower Relations and Viticulture Technician in June of 2012 and was promoted to Vineyard Manager. Kelli manages operations and personnel, oversees data collection, sampling, field scouting, yield estimation, and experimental design. She also establishes and maintains direct communications between Adelsheim Vineyard, our outside growers, and fruit purchasers.

Kelli Gregory, Vineyard Manager & Grower Relations

“Growing grapes is truly a labor of love, and every vintage here in the Willamette Valley brings a new and interesting perspective to just how amazing the world of winegrowing is. The combination of our incredibly skilled vineyard crew, some of the most amazing vineyard properties around and a truly unique growing region continues to provide a finished product that I feel honored to be a part of.”


Matthew Perry, Assistant Winemaker

Matthew Perry

Assistant Winemaker

Noah Roberts, Cellar Master

Noah Roberts

Cellar Master

Sergio Hernandez, Facilities & Bottling Supervisor

Sergio Hernandez

Facilities & Bottling Supervisor

Shaun Vrooman, Cellar Specialist

Shaun Vrooman

Cellar Specialist

Ben Lemoine, Cellar Assistant

Ben Lemoine

Cellar Assistant

Danielle Zarro, Viticulture Technician

Danielle Zarro

Viticulture Technician

Bill Blanchard, Winery Ambassador

Bill Blanchard

Winery Ambassador

Diane Hutchinson, Tasting Room Lead

Diane Hutchinson

Wine Educator & Tasting Room Lead

Elizabeth Clark Wine Educator Adelsheim Vineyard

Elizabeth Clark

Wine Educator

Zachary Clark, Customer Service and Logistics Specialist

Zachary Clark

Customer Service and Logistics Specialist

Mark Dagg, Tasting Room Associate

Mark Dagg

Wine Educator

Michael Cheng, Tasting Room Associate & Wine Educator

Michael Cheng

Wine Educator

Phil Staniunas, Tasting Room Associate & Inventory Lead

Phil Staniunas

Wine Educator & Inventory Lead

Jordan Hitchcock Tasting Room Associate

Jordan Hitchcock

Tasting Room Associate

Nathalie Quick, Director of Sales, Western Region

Nathalie Quick

Director of Sales, Western Region

Valerie Vaughan, Regional Sales Manager

Valerie Vaughan

Regional Sales Manager

Jenelle Madera, Regional Sales Manager

Jenelle Madera

Regional Sales Manager

Chris Berning, Regional Sales Manager

Chris Berning

Regional Sales Manager

Kelly Vingelen, Senior Accountant

Kelly Vingelen

Senior Accountant

Heidi Reddemann; Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Heidi Reddemann

Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Kristen Flemington; Digital Marketing Director

Kristen Flemington

Director of Digital Marketing


Lindsey Morse

Director of Marketing

Liz Moody, Marketing and Brand Specialist

Liz Moody

Marketing & Brand Specialist

Alexa Pittmon, Marketing Associate

Alexa Pittmon

Marketing Associate

Angie Nomie; Events Director

Angie Nomie

Director of Events & Winery Ambassador

Lisa Kemper; Sales Administrator

Lisa Kemper

Sales Administrator

Emily McMullen, Customer Service Specialist

Emily McMullen

Customer Service Specialist